Professional Resumé of Jim Carlow  
Business Management
Project Management
Software Development
Website Development
MIS/IT Management
Event Management
Children's Entertainment
Sales & Marketing
Advertising & Promotions
Media Management

Objective & Mission Statement

To align myself professionally with a progressive organization that would allow me the opportunity demonstrate my skills as a developer or co-developer of management systems, and excercise my strengths as a team player and project manager. The ideal organization would be one that shares the belief that people are the most valuable assets of any successful organization, and exemplifies this by providing employees with regular opportunities for growth when goals and challenges are met and exceeded by the team and/or individual.

Technical Skills & Expertise

Coding Skills
Networking Skills
  Router Administration
  Firewalls & Sercurity
  Virtual Private Networks
  WiFi Access Points
Server Operating Systems
  Microsoft NT Servers
  Microsoft Windows Servers
      Internet Information Services
      Active Directory Services
      DNS Servers
      Exchange Servers
      SharePoint Servers
      SQL Database Servers
  Linux Servers (LAMP Services)
      Apache Web Server
      MySql Server
      PHP, Perl, Python Services
      Bind DNS Server
Database Management (DBMS)
  Microsoft SQL
Open Source Software

Work History & Employment

Carlow Digital Arts & Technologies, LLC
July 2015 - present
CEO - Project Manager - Lead Developer
Officially formed Carlow Digital Arts & Technologies, LLC (CDAT) in January of 2015, and began working full time to establish my new company in July of 2015. I have been a ColdFusion Developer since version 1.0 when Allaire first introduced the dynamic markup language in 1994.

For the past 30+ years I have worked as both a full time and part time independent contractor d.b.a/ Carlow Tech, providing MIS/IT consulting and training services, HTML website and Coldfusion web applications development, SQL database management system development, private email and website hosting services, as well as developing and deploying several mission critical Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for various clients.

Over the last 10 years, I personally developed and hosted several custom event management systems for managing professional development trainings for educators.

The University of Southern Mississippi/Gulf Coast Education Initiative Consortium, Inc.
July 2005 - June 2015
Director of Business Services & Programming
Employed by The University of Southern Mississippi (USM), College of Education and Psychology, to work exclusively for the Gulf Coast Education Initiative Consortium, Inc., a non-profit regional educational service agency that provides educational support services and professional development for 25, K-12 school districts, located throughout the southern most counties of Mississippi. As Director of Business Services and Programming, my responsibilities encompassed the management of the business office and staff, overseeing of financial accounts and bookkeeping, and management of all mission critical information systems.

Over the course of my 10 year employment and on my own time, I personally developed and hosted from my home, a custom event management system designed to manage the multitude of professional development workshops, school administrator meetings, educator conferences and other special events and fund raisers conducted by GCEIC throughout the year. Within my first 3 years of employment, all six of the Regional Educational Service Agencies within the state of Mississippi were also utilizing my event management system to manage their professional development.

During the last three years of my employment, the small online registration system I had created and still hosted from my home had evolved into a full scale enterprise software solution for managing professional development for thousands of educators throughout the state of Mississippi, and was utilized exclusively by the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE), via the six Regional Educational Service Agencies for rolling out hundreds of statewide trainings and meetings for thousands of educators each school year.

My responsibilities grew into a 24/7/365 job of maintaining the integrity and reliability of the event management system I had created. The daily load on the system soon required separate servers for data, email and web services, plus a high-end router for bandwidth balancing, and strong firewall to help protect the personal identifiable information (PII) of over 40,000 educators. I was managing all of this alone, plus continuing to enhance the system, working from home an average of 12 to 16 hours a day. I was a one man IT department for over three years, while also performing various other functions and rolls for GCEIC including onsite event management, vendor sales and marketing, graphics and promotions, and logistics and planning. Dr. Tom Clark, the executive director and my direct supervisor over the ten year term of my employment, often referred to me directly as his; "right hand", "secret weapon" and "co-director." Dr. Clark, though now retired, would not hesitate to attest to my ability to fully utilize of my multiple skills and talents, my commitment to quality and excellence, as well as my strong work ethics.

Gulf Coast Laundry Services, Inc./Independent Contractor
January 2000 - January 2005
Independent Contractor - MIS/IT Manager and Software Developer
Contracted full time by Gulf Coast Laundry Services to develop from scratch, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, and more specifically a Laundry Management System for a large multi-million dollar industrial laundry facility located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, which catered exclusively to the hotel/motel and casino/resort industries. The system was developed in ColdFusion and allowed for the complete management of operations under one software application.

Carlow Tech
February 1994 - January 2005
Independent Contractor - Computer Sales & Service - Networking Services - Web Developer
I began working as an independent contractor in 1994 under the business name of Carlow Tech, servicing computers, installing networks, and network troubleshooting on-site for buinesses as well as home users. My business held several service contracts to provide onsite service of customer waranteed computers and periferals for several large computer manufactures and retailers including; Dell, Hewlitt Packard, Compaq, Gateway and other to brands.

Gulf Coast Radio Services, Inc.
January 1988 - February 1994
General Manager - Vice President - General Sales Manager
My career in broadcasting began in 1986 when I worked full time in sales and part-time as the afternoon air talent for a small 1000 watt AM radio station, targeting 65+ seniors with nostalgia\big band music.